Molenkoning -“the king of horsewalkers” – was founded in 1995 by the de Swart family in the Netherlands. Through hard work, innovation and competitive pricing MK has become the largest manufacturer of horse exercisers in Europe with thousands of walkers sold to date.

Molenkoning offers a wide range of equestrian products which provide health and training benefits, where it highlights our popular Self-Assembly Horse Exerciser, which is an international bestseller.

“I believe that evolution is synonymous of success and that’s why we are in a constant process of innovation and development. Our target is to meet the needs of our customers, before they suffer the shortcomings”

Jos de Swart
Co-owner CEO

The best asset of a company is its human resources. We are proud to have a great team of professionals rowing in the same direction as us. As experienced ‘horse people’ themselves, MK’s team are wise advisers who will talk you through the options available to make sure you find the best product for your needs.

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Nicky de Swart
Nicky de Swart공동 소유자
Ton de Swart
Ton de Swart공동 소유자
Ana Masoliver
Ana Masoliver영업관리자
Esther Reuvers
Esther ReuversSales Representative
Jade Aarens
Jade Aarens행정보조
Stefan Marx
Stefan Marx영업담당자 독일