Molenkoning horse walker is due to its superb construction guaranteed for workable hours; it is user friendly and has a long life expectancy. The training exerciser is low maintenance, is very safe and efficient.

Safety for horse and handler.
Quality of materials and workmanship.
First class service before and after sales for our virtually maintainance free product.
Super easy and functional controls!
Best value for money.

Safety and quality are at the top of our priority list. That is why our horse exerciser is delivered always with:
First class 220V electro powered engine, calculated for a durability of at least 15000 hours. Helical gearmotor by Motovario, provides the optimum size and power solution for driving horse walkers. And because we operate with a “weight-watching” issue, the multi-stage gear unit provide has a particularly special solution. Thanks to its die-cast aluminium design it is a particularly efficient lightweight – ideal for use in machine constructions.

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First quality bearings. V-belt traction, soundless and the safest for your horse. Long life expectancy! Totally galvanised construction. It is water resistant, made completely out of hot dipped galvanize steel with a low centre of gravity for the best stability! Standard sizes are 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20 meters diameter, from 3 until 10 horses. But custom made sizes are possible. User friendly control system carried out with a high quality digital frequency inverter in combination with reliable industrial electronics.

Aerodynamic pusher dividers that extends the life of the motor, formed for flexible aluminium bars that are all separately replaceable if necessary. These lightweight aluminium bars are completely pre-wired. We also provide standard with every walker hot-wire system, because for us Safety for horses always is first!

Molenkoning only recommends separations composed by bars; these bars hang next to each other on the arms. As they swing there is not risk for the horses to get caught. The light weight of the separations means less energy is used and less wear and tear on the drive. So we can say that this separation system protects the entire machine because the force of any blow is not transferred to the construction and the drive.

We provide every horse walker with aluminium bars separations, what conducts the electric charge if desired.

For those who want to add extra security to their horse trainer, we offer Molenkoning Safeguard. In this case the separations are formed of synthetic rods (polyethylene). These bars are extraordinarily strong but still very flexible, even in temperatures below freezing. These rods can bend, but right after they go back in shape, preventing breakage and occurrence of sharp edges. These bars have been coated with aluminum cover which allows the use of electric fence if necessary.

To reduce the visibility of the separations when training wild horses and stallions, the safeguards pusher gates can be fitted with windbreak net or we can also insert between the standard aluminium bars Beoband material.

Molenkoning, training horses since 1995