Construction and composition of the Molenkoning horse walker

The Molenkoning horse walker is user-friendly and has a long lifespan thanks to its sturdy construction. The horse walker requires little maintenance, is very safe, and is efficient in energy use. Our horse walkers can be assembled by a technician but are mostly assembled by our customers themselves with the help of a simple manual.

In this article, we will teach you everything about the construction and composition of our horse walker. This way, you will know everything about the main topics related to using our horse walker. If you want to learn more about training with a horse walker, click here for an article on this subject. Furthermore, you will learn in this article about:

  • Safety for horse and trainer
  • High-quality materials and finishing
  • First-class service before and after sales
  • Easy operation with functional buttons
  • Best price-quality ratio

The horse walker and safety of your horse

Safety and quality are at the top of your priority list, and it’s no different for us. That’s why our horse walker always comes with a 220V electric motor, designed for a long lifespan of at least 15.000 hours.

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Specifications of a high-quality horse walker

Top-quality bearings, a noiseless V-belt drive with a long lifespan, and the safest for your horse. In addition, the complete construction is galvanized and water-resistant. The construction is fully thermally galvanized and has a low center of gravity for the best stability. Our standard sizes are 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, and 20 meters in diameter, for 3 to 8 horses. Custom-made horse walkers are also possible.

The horse walkers are equipped with a user-friendly control system with a digital frequency controller of the highest quality.

Pusher gates form the basis for your future horse walker?

Drive gates with bars extend the lifespan of the motor because they offer little resistance. The drive gates are all individually replaceable if necessary. All horse walkers come with an electric energizer system, as safety for the horses comes first!

This pusher gate system also ensures that not every impact is absorbed by the construction or the drive system. Each horse walker comes with aluminium bars that conduct electrical charge if desired. These bars give a very light shock of 6 joules. This is only useful in the beginning when you want to get the horses used to walking in a horse walker. Over time, the animal will make its rounds in the horse walker independently and with great pleasure.

Does your horse get sufficient exercise all year through?

In this ebook you can read how you can ensure that your horse is in shape throughout the year.

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Extra safety with Molenkoning’s Safeguard bars

For those who want to add extra safety to their horse walker, we offer Molenkoning Safeguard bars. The drive gates are then equipped with plastic bars (polyethylene). These bars are extremely strong but still very flexible. They are even flexible at temperatures below freezing.

These bars can bend but immediately spring back to their normal shape. These bars prevent fractures, and the plastic prevents sharp edges. The bars are covered with an aluminium cover, allowing the electric shock device to work in combination with our Safeguard bars.

To reduce the visibility of horses during training of wild horses and stallions, it is also possible to equip the drive gates with a windscreen net.