Solarium horse – Warms and improves the performances

A sport horse is an athlete; therefore also a horse can get injured, regardless of the level it performs at. Also horses that are only ridden recreationally cannot always prevent getting injured. Research has shown that therapeutic warmth of a solarium for a horse is a way of treating chronic injuries.

Solarium for horses by Molenkoning

Are you looking for a solarium for horses? The horse solariums of Molenkoning are provided with 20 infrared lamps. Each segment is equipped with 5 lamps and 4 ventilators. Thanks to the open construction of the system, the infrared lamps will not be damaged by the humid environment. The ventilators of the solarium ensure both drying the horse as well as cooling the lamps.


What is a horse solarium and what does it do?

When rehabilitating warmth plays a vital role, also for horses. It has been proven that infrared light improves the blood circulation, quickens the absorption of sugar by the muscles and besides that it also stimulates a faster removal of lactic acid. The result of this is that the performance of your horse will improve.

Advantages of a solarium for horses

The solarium for horses by Molenkoning is designed to improve the well-being of your horse, emphasizing on the development of the physical condition. Because of this, our system offers the following advantages:

– Complete relaxation after exercise, which leads to a faster recovery
– Faster drying process, which reduces the chances of catching a cold
– Improves the elasticity of the muscles. It is therefore also highly recommended as a “warming-up” before a training or an event
– Better physical and mental condition
– Prevents illnesses and keeps your horse healthy
– The horse gets a shinier coat

Price solarium for horses

At Molenkoning, a solarium for horses is competitively priced because it is our own design and most of the time we can deliver products directly from our stock. This means that a solarium – excluding lift and bracket – has a fixed price of 1.595 euros, excluding VAT and shipping costs. Compared to other suppliers, this means that you have a very high-quality product with a two-year warranty at a low price.

As described above, because we can deliver directly from our stock, you can easily order the solarium via our webshop. In most cases, the solarium will be delivered within 7 working days within the EU.

Technical Details

-220-240 Volts 50Hz / 60Hz – 3080 Watts
-Separate 16A group
-16 ventilators – 4 per segment
-20 lamps, 150 Watt
-Weight: 100 KG


Sure! Most of our customers do it by themselves. All our products are served with assembly material and step-by-step installation manual.

Just a 230V connection to a separate group. To connect a solarium is a quick and easy process that does not require an electrician. They are “plug and play”.

Your choice! We can take care of arranging transport to your place or you are free to collect it at our warehouse. We transport our products all over the world every day and we can arrange export documents for those clients that need them. Feel free to ask us for transport rates.

Solarium are regularly in stock.

We always have lamps in stock.

2 years.

At MK we recommend a distance between the solarium lamps and the horse’s withers of at least 50 cm. Therefore, the height of the hanging must allow this safety distance. At MK we have an automatic lifting system to regulate the distance between the solarium lamps and the horse’s withers.

“A horse solarium is used for different reasons:
– Full relaxation after exercise which results in quick recovery
– Faster drying process which reduces the chances of catching a cold
– Improves elasticity of the muscles. It is highly recommended as a “warm up” before training or a competition
– Better physical and psychological condition
– Prevents diseases and keeps your horse healthy
– The horses coat gets a beautiful sheen
The usage time is usually around 15 to 30 minutes.”


Does your horse get sufficient exercise all year through?

In this ebook you can read how you can ensure that your horse is in shape throughout the year.

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