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Order solarium – Molenkoning

Molenkoning offer a modern and efficient solarium for horses from their product line. The twenty lamps and sixteen ventilators, offer a quality solution with an appealing design. Many professionals and horse owners make use of our popular solarium.


Order your solarium today, have it delivered in ten working days

We ship and deliver the solarium for your horse directly from our own stock. Because of this you can start using your solarium within two working days. The device is delivered to your home, firmly packed and ready to be used straight away. The device can be attached to the ceiling by using the standard suspension chains. You could also choose for additional options like our wall bracket or the lift.

Technical specifications of the solarium

The solarium can be connected directly with a 230 volt connection. With these 3000 watts consuming lamps, the solarium is efficient in usage.
– 220-240 Volts 50Hz / 60Hz
– 3080 Watts
– Separate group 16A
– 16 ventilators (4 per segment)
– 20 lamps 150 Watt
– Ventilation regulator and timer
– Galvanized ceiling suspension chains
– 2 year warranty
– The horse gets a shinier coat

Do you want to know more about the advantages and specifications of our horse solarium? Then click here for more information.

Order your solarium today at Molenkoning

Molenkoning is a Dutch company. This means that all our products are developed and designed within The Netherlands and are shipped and delivered directly from our workshop. That is why we have short delivery times and you are sure to order a top-quality product that is used by professionals all over the world.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, our shipping partner will personally contact you to schedule a convenient time for the unloading of your order.

Need accessories and parts?

Our solariums are standard equipped and delivered with a galvanized chain. Besides that, it is possible to order a wall bracket or lift. This way you can easily attach the solarium to the wall. Additionally, also a coin machine is available and of course you can also order spare lamps.

Included with our solariums is a standard 3-meter cable connecting to the timer, and an additional 50 cm cable linking the timer to the plug. Should you find the need for an extended cable for your solarium, our online store offers two distinct lengths for your convenience: 5 meters and 10 meters solarium cable extension


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Order solarium – Molenkoning

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