We all know how much discomfort the wind can cause to our horses while they are training. A windbreak is a great solution for that but there are several advantages extra to be obtained from assembling a windbreak around your horsewalker. Lets see some examples as:

A windbreak slows the evaporation down preventing soil erosion.

Increases the efficiency of the irrigation system of your horswalker. In some cases, a windbreak can help retainining humidity levels.

A windbreak reduces the inconvenience from horse flies. Extensive tests have shown that a windbreak net reduces the presence of insects.

Molenkoning supplies two types of windbreak net. A basic model is assembled straight from beam to beam. The Deluxe model is assembled rounded with tubes and bars, which is standard in The Full Option roofs.

In any case, our special windbreaks stretching system ensure that horses always have sufficient fresh air and ventilation, while it keeps out sun, rain and snow.



Sure! This product is very easy to build and you wont have any problem to add it to your fence or roof MK in the future.

It is possible that our standard models wont fit your roof or fence. But don’t worry! we can adapt it to the size and shape of your fence or roof. Please contact with our Sales Team for further information.

Sure! Most of our customers build it by themselves. All our products are served with assembly material and step-by-step installation manual.

Your choice! We can take care of arranging transport to your place or you are free to collect it at our warehouse. We transport our products all over the world every day and we can arrange export documents for those clients that need them. Feel free to ask us for transport rates.

It depends on the model of windbreak net. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Technical Information

3d design of the windbreak net
detail of windbreak wall
  • Windbreak net basic (straight from beam to beam)
  • Black or green
  • Windbreak net Deluxe (rounded with tubes and bars)