As its name suggests we got inspired by the rich and vast nature of Sweden, whose country is distinguished for its pine resources in Europe.

The beauty of this fence is comparable to its robustness. Wooden posts of 10 cm thick by half round crossbars of 12 cm. We use only treated wood, protected from the damaging effects of microorganisms (fungi, mold) and insects. Service life — tens of years at operation in various weather conditions. Our wood products are environmentally friendly products and, unlike some wood processing technologies, are absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

In any case, the Sweden fence is the one that keeps the most the traditional and the authentic equestrian fencing style.



The fence model Sweden is a very popular model. Price starts at 1.400 euro, however the total price of your fence will depend on the diameter of the walker, the number of wooden rows and the optional addition of a sand barrier to it.

“For the installation of the Sweden fence it is only necessary to have a flat and level ground. We recommend you to keep the ground moistered before you make the installation; this way it will be easier to dig the posts in the ground.

You wont need to use cement to fill the ground holes made for the posts. Our Sweden fence is served with 2.5 meters long post to ensure your fence is high and strong without adding cement! Additionally in the Sweden fence self -install package you will find material to seal the posts that holds the door of the outer fence. “

Sure! Most of our customers build their horsewalkers and fences by themselves. All our products are served with assembly material and step-by-step installation manual.

Your choice! We can take care of arranging transport to your place or you are free to collect it at our warehouse. We transport our products all over the world every day and we can arrange export documents for those clients that need them. Feel free to ask us for transport rates.

Sweden fence is regularly in stock.

Technical Information

3D design of wood enclosure
Molenkoning Sweden fence for horsewalker
  • Wooden posts – round 10 cm milled and creosoted 2500 mm long
  • Halfround rail 60 x 120
  • With 2 or 3 halfround rails
  • Optional with surface retaining boards
  • Incl. Galvanised steel entrance gate with 3 creosoted boards 200 x 28 with
    parallel latch.