As its name suggests we got inspired by the rich and vast nature of Sweden, whose country is distinguished for its pine resources in Europe.

The beauty of this fence is comparable to its robustness. Wooden posts of 10 centimeters thick crossed by half round crossbars of 12 cm treated with creosote. This product is notably useful for its anti-septic and preservative properties. The Creosote forms a protective layer around the pine wood, so that the fence lasts longer.

In any case, the Sweden fence is the one that keeps the most the traditional and the authentic equestrian fencing style.

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Technical Information

  • Wooden posts – round 10 cm milled and creosoted 2500 mm long
  • Halfround rail 60 x 120
  • With 2 or 3 halfround rails
  • Optional with surface retaining boards
  • Incl. Galvanised steel entrance gate with 3 creosoted boards 200 x 28 with
    parallel latch.