Round Fence – safe, sturdy and maintenance-free

Are you looking for a safe, sturdy, lifelong and maintenance-free fence? Then choose the distinctive Round Fence from Molenkoning.

What are the components of this fence?

The fence is made of curved, thermally galvanized steel frames. The frames are connected to each other with screws and are filled with solid, pure wood-look plastic planks that are 32 mm thick. This material does not splinter, making it safe for your horses.

Why choose the Round Fence for your horse walker ?

The fence is 100% round, with no corners in the walkway, so your horses will not get stuck. The horses walk in an open space with a well-maintained path. The round fence is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can easily move the horse walker yourself if you wish. The fence is strong and maintenance-friendly, it never needs to be treated or painted. Does it get dusty where you live? Clean the fence with a high-pressure sprayer, and the fence will look as good as new! The exclusive wood-look planks make this fence a real eye-catcher on the property.

We only produce this fence on request, which means you can choose every detail. Choose the colour of the planks, the height, or the number of doors, for example.

Options for the Round Fence:

– Available up to 1500 mm high. Ideal for use with large horses or stallions.
Extra solid and round galvanized tubes to increase the height of the fence. Each tube increases the fence height with 250 mm and the tubes can be added separately for the inside and outside fence.
– Steel chassis to cast the fence in concrete. We strongly recommend this for outdoor doors and lunge circles with double doors.
– Radial curbs: “prefab foundations” If you don’t want to lay a foundation or if you want to move the fence in the future, use our radial curbs.
– Wooden planks: for customers who prefer organic materials, we can work with wooden planks.

Also possible as a lunging ring!

It is possible to use the round fence as a lunging area. See the technical details below for more information. Would you like more information and prices? Contact our specialists today.


Technical Information

  • Galvanized steel frames
  • Plastic wood-look 32 mm
  • Inside and outside a low gate standard with footplates
  • With 2-finger lock
  • Optionally with a base to pour in concrete



The Round fence has multiple possibilities and accessories: Infill material, color of the infills, height of the fence, aditional steel frame work and doors. It is only produced upon request based on costumer preferences. If you would like to know prices for this fence, feel free to contact our Sales Team.

It is necessary to have radical concrete curbs to install this fence. Our Team will prepare for you a technical ground plan. If you do not want to or cannot do this on your own, don’t worry because we have the solution. We have prefabricated fundaments for the Round Fence. Feel free to read more about them visiting this page on our website:

Sure! Most of our customers build their horsewalkers and fences by themselves. All our products are served with assembly material and step-by-step installation manual.

Your choice! We can take care of arranging transport to your place or you are free to collect it at our warehouse. We transport our products all over the world every day and we can arrange export documents for those clients that need them. Feel free to ask us for transport rates.

Due to the multiple variations of this fence, we produce it upon request. Production time vary from 4 to 6 weeks since confirmation of the order.


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