Choose the DIY Horse Walkers from Molenkoning

For years, Molenkoning has been building horse walkers, starting with its best-selling model: the Do It Yourself (DIY) Horse Walker. This model is now known worldwide as a very high-quality horse walker at an attractive price. You can install the walker entirely yourself with a clear manual, and all necessary materials are included. This way, you can have the walker up and running within a few hours. Do you prefer it to be installed by MK crew? Our technicians can assemble the horse walker for you. Contact our advisors for this. After installation of the horse walker, your horses can enjoy the training and extra exercise.

The DIY Horse Walker is suitable for training 3 to 8 horses at the same time. During the design of this walker, the safety of the horse was paramount. It is therefore a very reliable walker that ensures your horses get extra exercise without getting injured. You have a wide choice of different types of pusher gates that fit any horse and design.

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Advantages of a DIY Horse Walker

Molenkoning has complete control over the production and delivery of its horse walkers. Our delivery time and prices are therefore very competitive. The sizes 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, and 20 meters are always in stock in our warehouse. The walker can be picked up the same day if necessary. In addition, our customers are very satisfied with the finishing level of the different components and the package of options that are available.

At Molenkoning, the customer is always our top priority. We are therefore happy to think along with you about the possibilities based on your requirements and questions. Customization is always possible. With this approach, Molenkoning has become a worldwide supplier of horse walkers, and we are proud of that. Contact our specialists for more information about our horse walker.

The construction of our DIY Horse walker

The design ensures that everyone is capable of installing the horse walker themselves. The walker is delivered as a kit on site. The horse walker is made of galvanized steel and is therefore resistant to all weather conditions. The horse walker must be placed on a levelled concrete plate. Molenkoning always has these parts in stock for you.

The DIY Horse Walker is equipped with aluminium drive fences with 14 bars. The pre-assembled motor delivers 0.75 KW and is equipped with a multi-belt drive for extra grip and a control box built according to CE standards. Curious about how the horse walker is built? Watch the video below and see how easy the installation process is. The walker can be set up in just one morning and you can get started.



Difference with other horse walkers from Molenkoning?

The DIY horse walker is one of the three walkers in our range. The DIY horse walker is known for its easy installation and high-quality construction. The model is very efficient in use and can be used indoors or outdoors.

In contrast to our Skywalker , where the walker is installed in the apex of a roof. The third model – the rail-gliding horse walker – is our most exclusive model on the market. The rails offer endless freedom in designing the walker. This means that this horse walker has no limitations in size and number of horses.

Options for DIY horse walkers from Molenkoning

We have equipped the basic model of the horse walker with all the options you need to have a high-quality walker at home. In addition, it is possible to equip the walker with extra options for your horse walker. This can be done directly at the time of purchase or at a later time. Consider options for your horse walker such as:
– Automatic lubrication system
– Various types of dividers
– An irrigation system
– Programmable control box
– A protection covered for the control box


“• Warm up and cool down of the equine athlete.
• Exercise multiple horses at the same time.
• Free moving exercise (no lunging on lounge line).
• Improves the equine condition and stamina.
• Rehabilitation of injured horses.”

“Your horses will:
• Present fewer health problems.
• Significantly fewer leg and hoof problems.
• Better muscle development, especially the back muscles.
• Improved suppleness and reflexes.
• Significantly fewer injuries.
• Less risk of ataxic defects (free walk).
• 60% less risk of osteochondrosis dissecans.
• Less risk of arthritis.”

There are several reasons for using a horse walker. To give a horse the fresh air and moving freedom when he doesn’t have the facilities to go in the fields for example. But also It can be seen as an extra training for the animal. A horse that has a good stamina is far less likely to get injured. Would you like to read more about this? Click here:

The physical condition of the animal is the key. That is why the trainer is responsible for observing the reactions of the animals and adapting the training session to the physical condition of each horse exercised on a horsewalker. Visit this link to read some MK guidelines of how to use the horsewalker:

The most common horsewalkers are those whose axis is anchored to the ground in the center of the circumference. These can present a corridor with sand, rubber or water (known as aquatrainers). However the machinery is the same for all of them.

In MK we also produce horsewalkers that suspended from a roof. The center of the structure is a free space that can be used as lunging pen or storage hall.

Finally the one popularly known as Oval Horsewalker.
This exerciser works as a train; That is why its technical name is rail gliding horsewalkers. This system allows the horses to walk on straight lines. It does not have size limit and can be oval, quadrangular or circular. We encourage you to visit this link to see the different models of horse walkers that MK can offer you:

A horsewalker is an equestrian equipment that leads the horses into motion. Horsewalkers are provided with dividers that separates the horses walking at the time and which are normally connected to electric energizers that are to learn the horses walking towards the direction selected. To read more about the structure of MK horsewalkers visit this link:


Does your horse get sufficient exercise all year through?

In this ebook you can read how you can ensure that your horse is in shape throughout the year.

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