Looking for a horse walker? Molenkoning has what you need!

At Molenkoning, you’ll find a horse walker with a solid galvanized construction. We provide the exercisers ready to plug, meaning you can easily assemble it yourself by following the installation manual. This means you won’t have to go to the hardware store for a single screw, as all necessary tools are included with the exerciser! Ideal, isn’t it?

The horse walker in various sizes

Within our assortment you will find horse walkers in various sizes. The standard sizes that we have in stock are: 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20 meters. The horse walker is standard provided with 14 aluminium bar pusher gates. Completely pre-assembled with a 0.75 KW motor, a multi belt drive for extra grip and a CE built control box.

Our standard horse walkers are suitable for 4, 6 or more than 8 horses. Besides these standard horse walkers, there are also custom horse walkers available on request, please feel free to contact us. Our advisors will be available to assist you with a design you like.

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Buying a horse walker for your horse

Are you looking to buy a horse walker, but need more information about training with one before making the purchase? Our specialists are happy to provide you with more details about what to look for when using and buying a walker. The horse walker can be the ideal way to provide your horses with the necessary exercise despite limited time and unpredictable weather conditions. We recently wrote an informative guide on this topic.

Various horse walkers from Molenkoning

At Molenkoning, you’ve come to the right place for various types of horse walkers. Each type of horse walker has its own specifications. In addition, we’ve also taken different budgets into account. Our standard horse walker is of high quality and fits within any budget. It’s also possible to have a custom design made, including a roof and various options. Below you’ll find an overview of the different possibilities. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions.

Horser walker fenced with dark wood

Horse walker

Closed roof Full Option Molenkoning with an skywalker


Rail-Gliding Skywalker

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MK Horse walker MK Skywalker MK Rail Gliding Horse walker (round) MK Rail Gliding Horse walker (oval)
Roof Optional yes Optional Optional
Foundation yes yes yes yes
Location propulsion Middle floor Middle roof Walkway Walkway
Lunging circle available no yes yes no
Number of horses 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 6 / 8 6 / 8 / 12 7 / 8 / 14 / 18
Standard diameter 10 / 12 / 15 / 16 / 18 / 20 18 / 20 15 / 20 / 25 10×19 / 13×19 / 19x 31 / 24 x 40
Automatic lubrication system Optional Including two cartridges Not required Not required
Sprinkler system Optional Optional Not available Not available
Standard type pusher gate 14 aluminium bars 14 aluminium bars Mesh drive fence or Safe Guards Mesh drive fence or Safe Guards
Protective cover Optional Optional Optional Optional
Automatic change of direction (10 mins.) yes yes yes yes
Programmable software Optional Optional Optional Optional
Speed Max. Max. speed depending on diameter Max. speed depending on diameter Max. speed depending on diameter Max. speed depending on diameter
Standard with walkway 2,5 meter 2,5 meter 2,5 meter 2,5 meter
Delivery time 7 – 10 working days 6 – 8 weeks 6 – 8 weeks 6 – 8 weeks
Price from 3.600 euro 12.000 euro 15.000 euro 16.200 euro

Horse walker 3 Horses

If you’re looking for a horse walker for three horses, the MK horse walker is an ideal solution. This high-quality horse walker takes up relatively little space and can be installed independently. This way, you can have a three-horse walker that lasts a long time for a very interesting price. This model is also available for more than three horses. For questions about the horse walker that suits your situation, please contact our experts .

Horse walker 6 horses

If you’re looking for a larger horse walker, we recommend a larger model of our Molenkoning horse walker. You can also choose a Skywalker or Rail-Gliding horse walker. These models can easily train a group of six horses at the same time. In combination with a roof, you can use this horse walker for six or more horses throughout the year, without them getting wet.

Installation: outsource or do it yourself!

Depending on the type of fence, roof, and the type of horse walker, you have a few choices regarding the installation. You can choose to let an installer come, but in many cases you can also install the horse walker yourself. Watch the video and see how easy it is to assemble a MK horse walker! In just 2 hours!

Our specialists are happy to discuss with you whether it is feasible to build up the horse walker independently or if a technician of Molenkoning can provide support. Contact us to talk about your situation.




“• Warm up and cool down of the equine athlete.
• Exercise multiple horses at the same time.
• Free moving exercise (no lunging on lounge line).
• Improves the equine condition and stamina.
• Rehabilitation of injured horses.”

“Your horses will:
• Present fewer health problems.
• Significantly fewer leg and hoof problems.
• Better muscle development, especially the back muscles.
• Improved suppleness and reflexes.
• Significantly fewer injuries.
• Less risk of ataxic defects (free walk).
• 60% less risk of osteochondrosis dissecans.
• Less risk of arthritis.”

There are several reasons for using a horse walker. To give a horse the fresh air and moving freedom when he doesn’t have the facilities to go in the fields for example. But also It can be seen as an extra training for the animal. A horse that has a good stamina is far less likely to get injured. Would you like to read more about this? Click here: https://molenkoning.com/training-with-horse-exercisers/

The physical condition of the animal is the key. That is why the trainer is responsible for observing the reactions of the animals and adapting the training session to the physical condition of each horse exercised on a horsewalker. Visit this link to read some MK guidelines of how to use the horsewalker: https://molenkoning.com/training-with-horse-exercisers/

The most common horsewalkers are those whose axis is anchored to the ground in the center of the circumference. These can present a corridor with sand, rubber or water (known as aquatrainers). However the machinery is the same for all of them.

In MK we also produce horsewalkers that suspended from a roof. The center of the structure is a free space that can be used as lunging pen or storage hall.

Finally the one popularly known as Oval Horsewalker.
This exerciser works as a train; That is why its technical name is rail gliding horsewalkers. This system allows the horses to walk on straight lines. It does not have size limit and can be oval, quadrangular or circular. We encourage you to visit this link to see the different models of horse walkers that MK can offer you: https://molenkoning.com/products/

A horsewalker is an equestrian equipment that leads the horses into motion. Horsewalkers are provided with dividers that separates the horses walking at the time and which are normally connected to electric energizers that are to learn the horses walking towards the direction selected. To read more about the structure of MK horsewalkers visit this link: https://molenkoning.com/structure-and-composition-of-a-molenkoning-horse-walker/


Does your horse get sufficient exercise all year through?

In this ebook you can read how you can ensure that your horse is in shape throughout the year.

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