1. Orders placed through Molenkoning BV’s website will be promptly processed on the subsequent business day following payment confirmation.

2. The estimated delivery timeframe is 7 to 10 business days.

3. Should there be insufficient stock available at the time of order placement, Molenkoning BV will promptly notify the customer to provide a refund option or an approximate delivery date.

4. Any claims regarding product defects or incomplete delivery must be reported within a maximum period of 8 natural days via email to info@molenkoning.com or by phone at +31486415174. The customer retains the right to return the product if they opt not to retain it, provided that the complaint is filed within the stipulated 8-day period and the return process is initiated promptly to Molenkoning BV at the following address: Voederheil 6A, 5411RK Zeeland, Netherlands.

5. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

6. Product returns will solely be accepted if the items are returned in their original packaging, such as the solarium box. Upon receipt of the returned products, an assessment will be conducted to ascertain their condition, usage status, any damages, or modifications caused by improper handling. This assessment will facilitate a decision regarding the return, communicated to the customer within a maximum of 5 business days from the receipt of the returned products.

7. Products purchased through Molenkoning BV’s website are subject to the remaining terms and conditions specified in this document, provided they do not contradict what is established in this point.