Molenkoning Horsewalker System allows you to add multiple options that increases the efficiency, comfort and security of your machine.

As when you buy a car and you are free to choose its features, you can buy a MK horsewalker and add as many accessories as you like. They are a great addition to the machine but not essential for its well function. That is why adding them is totally up to you!

Read more to learn about our horsewalker options; Every number is connected to a representative drawing in the technical information below.

  • Fourteen aluminum bars pusher gate: Our standard divider for horsewalkers. These bars are 1500 mm long.
  • View blocking pusher gate: These blinders gates are frequently requested for those clients that have strong stallions. There are composed of 14 aluminum bars 1500mm long and 13 strokes of black PVC.
  • Safeguard pusher gate: The bestseller MK pusher gate! These 2000 mm long dividers with 14 PVC rods have it all!! They are flexible, safe, long lasting and conduct the impulse of the electric fence. They are definitely a must have for those who always buy quality.
  • Safeguard view blocking pusher: All the advantages of our safeguard with a plus. Just adding to our safeguard bars a light weight windbreak net we create the feeling that the divider is a wall that your horses won’t attend to cross.
  • Steel mesh and rubber pusher gate: Safety is always first! That is why we offer to our clients the traditional steel mesh dividers only with rubber flaps. Due to the particular size of the mesh panel dangerous chains are not needed!
  • Protection cover with concrete base for control box and computer: Galvanized case that protects the operator against all weather conditions.
  • Computer control box: Programmable computer with touchable screen that allows you to create up to 100 different and personalized training programs for your horses.
  • Automatic lubrication system: Your machine can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system. This means that you no longer have to lubricate the drive unit by hand. The grease cartridge and its batteries should be replaced after one year.
  • Irrigation system: How great is to turn on your walker and spray water on the track! This will reduce dust, it will help you to clean the rubber surface and increase the efficiency of the impulse from the electric fence during dry weather.

Now or later! You decide when you add an optional to your MK horsewalker because all of them are very easy to assemble.

Do you want to have more information about our options? Don’t hesitate and contact us without compromise!


Teknisk informasjon