Wild horses freely roaming the open terrain to search for food and water, walking for at least 20 to 40 kilometers per day, however domestic Horses rarely walk those distances.

Lots of horses stay in their box for long hours and even days; That can lead to legs and hoofs deformations, bad blood circulation, colics, bad development of the muscles or behavioral problems. The horse has not been made to be locked up, it needs movement. The target is about 15.000 steps per day.

We observe activity when our equines are free in the Paddock; There they might step 600 times per hour. This type of movement is called passive and it provides our animals the possibility of being in contact with nature. Nevertheless it is not enough to reach the target. In order to solve it we need to stimule active movement.

A horse does active exercise when it’s being ridden or when works out in the horsewalker or treadmill . These machines guarantee that your horse will step 4.000 times per hour.

‘’Keep your horse healthy, moving it!‘’