Inspired by the Round Fence design, we projected our first Full option Track roof in 2008. As we imagined, the experience was pure satisfaction. Our clients were very happy with the result.

Hot dip galvanised steel columns, on the inside and outside, along a track of 5 meters width, supporting trapezoidal Stabipol plates.

The Stabipol is a polyester fiber 100% asbest free. Offers a low maintenance and long-life. It is simple to mount, has a light weight and we can deliver it in different colors such as red and black. This material is suitable for heavy snow loads and it’s the ideal replacement for cement plates.

A full option roof is equipped regularly with our special windbreak stretching system who ensures that your horses always have sufficient fresh air and ventilation, while avoids strong wind and keeps out sun and rain. The protection net is mounted on a steel ring along the outside fence and its colors can be chosen in between green and black.

The horse walker is enclosure with Molenkoning´s Round Fence inside and outside of the track. Which can be naturally “costum made” to match the color of the track roof.

The Full option roof, either in its closed or in its half roof version, is the product most requested by our customers.

Technical Information

  • Outside fence “Round Fence” with plastic planks – Galvanized steel frames
  • Plastic boards 32 mm in black or brown
  • Tube rolled round 50 x 30 in order to get the windbreak net perfectly round
  • Windbreak net on top of the fence in black or green
  • Beams IPE 160 galvanized