Internally also called “the DIY fence”; The best solution for those that look for efficiency, flexibility, versatility and RESISTENCE.

Do you need a walker fence?, do you need a lunging circle? Is your ground so hard that you can not drill it? Are you planning to install a walker just for a short period in your farm?…Then, this is your horse walker fence.

This is a perfectly round pen whose is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. Only a flat level surface is needed for its installation. Therer is no need of a concrete base or cement and neither it has to be digged up, as the Texas panels stands up thanks to their oval and flat effective tubes.

As our horse walkers this fence is 100% made from galvanized steel. This means: resistant to oxidation and water corrosion and other inclement weather.

There are no sharp edges, misplaced connectors, or places for an animal to hang up as the structure is specially round. We are sure when we say that the Texas fence last forever. For further information or references, contact our sales department.

Technical Information

  • Completely hot dip galvanised for a long durability
  • Special oval tube 50 x 30 for added safety
  • Very easy to install
  • Entrance height 2200 mm
  • Height of the fence is 1800 mm