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Teambuilding with your horse by communicate in the right way

Communicate in the right way trough body language is a way to create a relationship with your horse. It is important to keep an eye on the natural characteristics of the horse. Does your horse responds right to your directions? If he does, you probably communicate right. If he doesn't, did you give clear enough [...]

Teambuilding with your horse by communicate in the right way2020-02-04T16:48:27+00:00

The hoof of the horse

There are a few ways to keep the hoof of the horse healthy. It always starts by movement of the horse. Due to the movement of a horse the hoof is always charged and then discharged. As result of this is the pressure in the hoof changes. These pressure changes stimulate the blood circulation [...]

The hoof of the horse2020-02-04T16:51:19+00:00

Feria de San Marcos, Aguascalientes

For the first time we have crossed the Atlantic to present one of our horse-walkers in the American continent. The luck has taken us to the largest Livestock Fair from Mexico, "La Feria de San Marcos". In the Mega Velaria happened the Regional championship ANCCEMEX of Aguascalientes. In that equestrian competition were presented high-quality horses. [...]

Feria de San Marcos, Aguascalientes2020-02-05T09:27:09+00:00

The Man and the Horse

Millions of years before the appearance of man on Earth, horses travelled up and down the valleys and mountains until they both finally met. We can imagine man before he became the master of this creation, when the world was hostile and strange for him, seeking refuge in caverns whilst watching this animal that lived [...]

The Man and the Horse2020-02-05T09:34:21+00:00

Special offers for ESNZ members

MK’s popular self-assembly horse exerciser is an international bestseller. MK’s machines include safe adjustable divider pusher gates completely pre-wired. A strong 0.75Kw electric engine, 3 V-belts for extra traction belt drive and a CE inspected control box to ensure that your horsewalker is maintenance-free. You get a two year guarantee on the turning parts and [...]

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Our stand at Hickstead 2016

The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead, was the dream and brain child of one man - Douglas Bunn. Now run by his family, the showground remains one of the premier equestrian venues in the world. Almost every great show jumper, horse and rider, has competed at Hickstead since they first opened their doors in 1960. [...]

Our stand at Hickstead 20162020-02-05T10:02:52+00:00